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Having four kids is no joke. Especially when it comes to feeding them. Like, seriously I am not laughing. Some days go smoother than others and with me tossing around with packing their lunches for the past few weeks I decided I’d give it a test run.

Again, just for the record. I am no expert when it comes to feeding tiny humans. Shoot, I can barely remember to feed myself so that should give you an idea of my level of experience in this area, lol.

Starting out, I knew I wanted something cute to put their lunches in. I am definitely that mom that is scrolling through Pinterest every day coming up with the most impossible ideas to try and execute, so packing their lunch was no different. This landed me at packing my kid’s lunch with Bentgo.  I loved their kid boxes and how much stuff I could pack all at once.


Again, being new to the whole lunch-packing thing, I wanted something I could pack several things in just in case they didn’t like the main course. With Bentgo boxes I could pack numerous snacks, dips, sandwiches or anything else I could think of, without fearing they would go hungry from not eating. I also loved that they partnered with Feed The Children to help families in need. What can I say, I’m a sucker for charity work. Plus, they have some super cute designs for the kids!

Enough with why I chose these adorable little boxes for the kiddos and more about what’s inside. So for the first lunch, I wanted to focus on packing things I knew they would love while also adding in a few new things for them to try. Being that each child is different, none of their lunches looked the same. In hindsight, this probably isn’t something that will happen on a constant bases but it was fun to try out.


Karson loves pigs in a blanket so I made a few of those for him and packed grapes and carrots as healthy snacks in case it wasn’t enough. (This little boy has been nonstop hungry lately). For things I wanted him to try, I packed trail mix and humus. Koehn loves hummus but I haven’t given it to the older kids yet so today was the day!


Karter loves all things bananas and I found this super cute idea on Pinterest to do a banana roll-up type of thing. It turned out tasting better then it looked but he enjoyed it. He’s also a big fan of mixed fruit so I gave him some frozen fruit we had. I chose frozen because I figured by the time he ate lunch they would be the perfect temp and texture, and I was right. He was so excited to tell me all about his lunch when I picked him up from school.


Last, but not least was Kinley. I saved her for last because her lunch didn’t go nearly as well as I had hoped. She, believe it or not, is the pickier of my eaters so I knew not to get my hopes too high when I packed her lunch. She also happens to be the one kid who is violently allergic to all things dairy, (which as resulted in our entire house going dairy-free for the most part) but that also played into what I packed her.


Cherry tomatoes are huge in my house, I personally hate them. But I wanted to give them a try with the kids. Kinley uses likes more veggies then fruit so I thought, why not. She also loves crackers and granola bars. I loved that I could basically pack her a Lunchable type lunch without the cheese, and I later found it, it was the only part of her lunch she ate. Even though I packed her apple sauce and kiwi, both foods she usually loves. But her friend didn’t like her applesauce she neither did she that day, I guess.


All in all, packing the kiddos lunches was fun and a major eye-opener. Somethings I learned:

  1. Have the kids help. Since packing their first lunches we all now go on Pinterest and look for ideas together. The kids enjoy being able to be apart of it and it makes it easier for me to make sure they are getting healthy food I know they will eat.
  2. Plan ahead. Well as much as you can. I go to the grocery store with a list that’s just for the kid’s lunches. On Sunday’s we plan out their lunches for the week, which allows them to have an idea of what they will eat and when.
  3. Be creative. Not everything needs to be perfect or look nice. No, I don’t spend my day cutting sandwiches into cute little shapes. But I will break up a granola bar into pieces or pack a waffle and jelly as lunch.
  4. Finally, don’t worry so much. It’s one of the reasons I got the Bentgo boxes. I pack several things and they eat what they like. It allows me to try new things with them while still making sure they have enough food to not starve at school all day.


All in all, packing lunches has gone much better than I ever expected! Do you have any tips for packing kiddos lunches, if so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


Love Always,




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  1. Great Lunches! These are super cute and i love the lunch boxes. Do they have an affiliate proGram so you can add a link? You did a great job promoting them! My son is mostly vegan with a very minimal amouny of dairy only when we are in a binD, so it is super Challenging sometimes abd i can only imagine when he gets in school. He is 2 and eats like he is 5! We do a lot of vegan grIlled cheese, cucumbers, pb&J, hummus and crackers, pretzels, sweet potatoes, smootHies to get green leafy vegGies in, sweet peas, flax milk or coconut milk yogurt, fruit, olives, dried cranberries, nuts, and french fries when we are being bad LOL! I usually jist combine all types of stuff like a little buffet meal. It is DEFINITELY a work in progress.

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