How to Throw an Uno Themed First Birthday Party

Kaleb’s “Uno” Themed 1st Birthday Party!

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Your little one is almost one, time please slow down. And now you’re looking for a cute and unique party theme for their big day! A Uno themed party for his or her 1st birthday is the perfect combination of cute and nostalgic. This first birthday theme was so much fun to put together for Kaleb, and super easy in the decoration department. So without further ado let’s jump right in! 

Our Uno-Themed 1st Birthday Party Was a Hit! 

Everyone says it about their child, and here I am saying it too, I can’t believe my baby just turned one! It truly feels like just yesterday that we were announcing his arrival into this world. And now, I’m reminiscing over this last year and praising God we’ve made it this far

To celebrate his birthday, I wanted to have a unique theme. Something I didn’t typically see (sorry wild one, but I’m so over you). But also something that would be easy on my bank account. I surfed Pinterest for months leading up to his birthday, and I finally found a theme I liked. And I’m actually glad I picked it. Although I settled on the theme months in advance, being the procrastinator I am, everything came together in under two weeks. So whether you like to get things done well in advance or prefer to take your time like me. A Uno birthday centered around such a classic game could be the perfect party theme. 

How to Throw an Uno Themed First Birthday Party

Uno Birthday Party Ideas for Inspiration 

If you’re thinking about throwing an Uno themed birthday party, there are a few essential supplies you’ll need. Originally I couldn’t find much inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram so I had to get pretty creative. Starting with a color pallet made things easier for us. Finding green, blue, yellow, red and black streamers, balloons, paint, and even plastic tablecloths was simple but brought everything together. While I got most of the decor / supplies  from Amazon and Etsy I think my favorite of all was this super cute invitation

The invitation is what sets the tone of the party in my opinion. And while it’s just a kids birthday, event planning and decor are something I enjoy doing. Which means, I can go over the top sometimes (if you ask my husband, he’ll say all the time, lol). But if you’re not really looking for a video invite or maybe you’d prefer a paper invite? I found some other Uno themed birthday invitations that are just as cute! 

Uno Cake, Toppers, Design & More 

How to Throw an Uno Themed First Birthday Party

Now it’s time for the most important part, the cake! Sweet tables are so cute and I am always looking for super cute cakes that fit our birthday themes. So of course we had to have a Uno themed sweets table. For the cake, we wanted there to be cards that really resemble the game. And also wanted to make sure the cake topper looked just like the Uno box.  I loved how our cake lady kept everything on theme and I think it turned out amazing! And his little smash cake was too cute too! We  also had Uno themed cake pops, cupcakes and even some Uno themed sugar cookies too! There were bags of popcorn (I found some inexpensive ones at the Dollar Tree in the colors of the party) that the guests were able to take home with them as well. 

Since this birthday party was at home with only close friends and family, we didn’t really use any centerpieces. There weren’t really that many guests to warrant it, however, if you’re crafty you can make some Uno centerpieces pretty easy or there are a few options on Etsy

Uno themed party decor

Even though we didn’t use centerpieces I definitely wanted to make the party decorations on point. So I grabbed this banner and then used streamers and a plastic tablecloth behind the treats table. Having made a few balloon garlands before (they are actually surprisingly pretty easy to make). I was excited to make one this time around. Using a mix of black, green, yellow, red, with some confetti and graffiti printed balloons I was able to create what I think was the star of the decorations. 

Next, I made my own garland out of felt for his highchair. It ended up being hung directly above it, but tomatoes tomatoes. I also used small uno cards mixed with giant ones for a cute accent on the streamers. I made this cute “chalkboard” with all his stats on Canva. And had it printed at Walmart for less than $5. 

What kid doesn’t love a good mess? Finger painting was the name of the game for our party. Using a photography backdrop we made this super fun space for all the kids to leave Kaleb a birthday message! It was loads of fun, and of course all the mess, lol. We also brought down our nuggets and let the party goers build, climb and do whatever they wanted with them. 

Kids finger painting station at Uno 1st birthday

Can’t forget the food. In the spirit of keeping things simple we served a taco bar. It was a great way for the guest to have control over their food. With so many different diet restrictions it seemed the least complicated way to do things. 

We served shredded chicken, ground beef, and ground turkey. There were a few vegan options (fried black beans and corn tacos) as well. I made sure to have chips so the kids could have nachos if they wanted. Everyone loved it. I was originally nervous about having too much food left over, but that wasn’t the case at all. 

Our Favorite Uno Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are always so much fun. They are a great way for the party goers to bring the party home with them. My original plan was to get colored bags to put a few treats in. But since I ended up using something similar on the treats table, I opted for some cute boxes instead. These Uno party favors were filled with candy. Plus you could take whatever you wanted from the sweets table to add as well. 

Adorable Uno Themed Birthday Outfits

Kaleb wore this adorable shirt for his birthday pictures,. Sadly with all the fuss of the day I completely forgot to put it on him for his actual party. I wanted to order our entire family some Uno themed birthday matching shirts, but time was not on my side.  Note to self, stop procrastinating.

How to Throw an Uno Themed First Birthday Party

Don’t Forget the Classic Uno Party Games

While I mentioned the games for the kiddos above, I forgot to mention all the fun the adults had. Remembering our own childhoods, the adults played a good game of Uno. Hey, what’s a party if we all can’t have a little fun, lol. We love playing Uno as it was a great way to get together and have some laughs. Plus, how can you not play Uno at a Uno themed birthday party. 

All in all Kalebs Uno 1st birthday party was a huge success. It is definitely a theme anyone can adopt to make it their own, no matter the budget!

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