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Simple & Stunning Mixed Girl Hairstyle Ideas for Biracial Hair

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If you’re like me, you may have found it hard to find mixed girl hairstyles online. And the idea of watching hours of Youtube just is not as appealing as it sounds. I mean, we have things to do after all. So in an effort to help a fellow curly girl out, I’ve created a list of some of the best hairstyles for biracial hair. Whether you have a little girl, toddler, or teenage these hairstyles are perfect for any age! 

I do want to give the disclaimer, that while I, myself, am biracial (Black and White) and have done most, if not all of these styles on my own hair, my daughter is considered multigenerational biracial. I only mention this because my daughter’s hair texture is closer to the 4C mark than the 3A or 3B I’ve known most people to associate with mixed girls hair. With that being said, I have also done most, if not all of these styles on her hair. So please do not think for a second these styles aren’t able to transcend hair types, because in my opinion, they look amazing no matter your curl pattern.

What Are Protective Hairstyles & Why Are They Important?

Before I jump into the list I want to go over a few things. If you are new to biracial hair care there are a few things you need to know. Some hairstyles for mixed hair can also serve as a protective style. This is true for both boys and girls. These styles are used to protect hair during certain seasons. Such as the cold wind during the winter months, which can be extremely damaging to hair. Or the humid and hot summers when our hair can get dried out by the hot summer sun. 

Protective styles usually take a little longer but will also typically last even longer. There are some that are easier to achieve then others, but the purpose of any protective style is to protect the hair. That typically means that hair is not left out to fend for itself. Things like box braids, kinky twists, or even  But don’t fret, if you’re looking for quick and easy hairstyles for different mixed hair types I‘ve listed some of those as well. 

1. Letting Her Natural Curls Shine

Depending on your level of knowledge for natural hairstyles for mixed hair this one can be easier said than done. Curly hair can be more prone to frizz. Making sure it has enough moisture is the best way to combat that. Depending on the curl type, the level of moisture will differ. For example, when my daughters wear her curls I typically use heavier creams and custards to ensure it’s moisturized. Where, what my son, a light leave in conditioner and gel usually does the trick

2. Single Braid

Mixed girl hair and braids go together like pb&j, to me. Braids are a protective style that also offer so much versatility. If you are a beginner there are tons of Youtube tutorials on how to braid. A single braid can last a few days depending on length of hair. Adding some cute clips, a bow at the end or some colored synthetic hair to jazz it up is always nice too. 

3. Double Braid

Or the Double Dutch braid, this style is an easy mixed girl hairstyle perfect for your toddler all the way up to a teenager. If you have trouble parting hair, make sure you get a parting comb. You can find them at your local beauty supply store or Amazon. And they really make parting easier and less stressful.  I forgot to mention this above, but I recommend making sure the hair is wet before styling. This goes for any style. The will relieve tension on the scalp, make it easier to detangle, and create less friction on the hair thus decreasing the amount of frizz. 

4. French Ponytails

One of my favorite quick and easy styles, that can also be so elegant. Perfect for pictures, a wedding or even a day at the park. A simple cornrow down the back into a pony. Make sure to add some extra moisturizer to any hair that will be left out of the braid. I also love leaving some random hairs out to frame the face as well. 

5. Puffball Buns 

This is an especially fun mixed hairstyle for little girls. I like to call them space buns and its something my daughter loves. Super quick and also very versatile. Things like leaving out a few strands around the nap of the neck, ears / sideburns, and the forehead can elevate this look. Or lay those baby hairs for a fun style!

6. Top Knot 

This is one of those trendy and cute mixed girl hairstyles that I am in love with. It’s super easy to achieve, works no matter if you’re a toddler or an adult, and can serve as a protective style as well. Couple things to note, try not to pull the hair too tight into the ponytail. Edge control is your friend, but not all edge control is created equal. And lastly, you may not get it right the first time, but keep trying. 

7. Half-Head Cornrows

I have been wearing my own hair in this style since I was in middle school. Its a super quick and easy hairstyle for multicultural kids that’s also very diverse. Depending on how much time you want to devote to this, the braids can be smaller, in designs / simple and go straight back. Mix it up by adding beads, bows or other hair jewelry. This is one of my top mixed girl hairstyles. 

8. Zig Zag Zipper Braid

Speaking of hairstyles with beads, braids of any kind are always a good idea. Zig zag braids are a little bit more complex for beginners, but if you’ve been at it for a while, this is definitely one to try. There are tons of different ways to do these braids as well. You can do two into a low bun, or braid them up into pigtails. 

9. Curly Updo

When you think of hairdos for mixed hair, they don’t always have to braids or curls curls curls. Updos are achievable and can offer lots of possibilities. Always a fan of the baby hairs and flyaways (as I like to call them), make these styles your own by leaving random curly strands out whenever possible. 

10. Low French Braided Buns

This is a style I’ve done loads of times on my own hair. It’s a simple one that can be replicated often. When I do this style and I want it to last longer, I wear a bonnet to bed to help keep it neater longer. I’ve done it on my daughter as well, and she loves it. With her I typically do two french braids in one low bun. But for myself, I like four or more braids with two buns. Super cute and the more braids the longer it lasts for my hair type. 

plopping for mixed girls

Tips for Keeping Biracial Hair From Frizzing 

I used to think it was just an impossible thing I had to deal with, but I’ve learned some tricks that help a lot. Some things that I’ve learned about mixed girl hairstyles include adding conditioner / moisturizer while wet helps decrease frizz dramatically. Another thing I’ve learned is that using combs, brushes or fingers to help define the curls will also help eliminate frizz. Not using terry cloth towels and sticking to cotton (such as an old cotton t-shirt) to squeeze out excess water helps too. Mixed kids with long hair can also use things such as plopping to help form curls and decrease frizz. As well as using a pineapple at night with a bonnet or satin scarf for sleep. 

Whether you’re looking for mixed kids hairstyles for your little girl or teenager I am hoping this list helps. Our hair can be a source of pride or one of shame depending on how it’s handled by those around us. The more time and effort you put into learning tips/tricks etc for mixed kids hair care the better it will be for everyone involved. Curly hair hasn’t always had a good rep but it’s time we change that. And that starts with the knowledge and the respect of these beautiful trenches. 

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