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10 Of The Best Apps For New Moms

From ordering your groceries or turning on your oven, to tracking your little bundle of joys growth, there’s always an app for that. So in this day and age, it makes complete sense that most modern mothers are looking for the best apps for new moms. These apps can be quite helpful at helping you keep it all together, especially in those first few months. But with so many out there, it can be overwhelming distinguishing which apps are designed just for new moms. Let’s talk about some of the best apps for new moms that you might find to be helpful. 

Some of these helpful apps for new mommas are completely free, others are free but have a premium version available, and others do cost a minimal amount. They all have the potential of making your life as a new mom easier. I’ve separated them based on categories to make it easier:

Best Baby Sleep Apps for New Moms

As a new momma, you may be wondering, when, if ever, you’ll get back to a full nights rest. Thankfully there are some techies who completely understand our sleepless pain. These are some of the best apps to help parents and babies get some much needed rest.

White Noise Baby

Newborns are used to falling asleep to the sounds of our hearts beating. So not having it can make it hard for them to sleep. The White Noise Baby app lets you choose from a variety of different white noise sounds that you can put on to help lull your baby to sleep and to help keep them asleep. 

The white noise sounds that you can choose from include a heartbeat, vacuum cleaner, rain sounds, car ride, a fan, and more. This app is convenient because you can just download it on your phone and use it wherever your baby might need to take a nap. 

Huckleberry: Baby & Child

Alright, where are all my sleep deprived mommas at? New or veteran, this app is for you! Consider it like having a sleep expert right in your pocket. Four month sleep regressions? Day and night time confusion? Huckleberry is perfect no matter the sleep situation. With expert sleep advice, this app puts the answers right at your fingertips.

Looking to see if your newborn has any sleeping patterns? Track their naps and bedtime sleep using the built in tracker. And with customized sleep plans (as a part of their premium subscription) that will actually take your families sleep routine into account, this is one app all new mommies must have.

Cloud Baby Monitor

At this point, buying a baby monitor can be looked at as basically a waste of money. Especially when apps like Cloud Baby Monitor allow you to turn any two devices into a video monitor system. Using a live video feed Cloud Baby Monitor app will notify you when baby moves or makes a noise. It even allows you to talk / sing to baby from anywhere. Perfect for when mommy is on a Target run and dad is having a hard time getting baby to sleep.

The Apps all traveling mommas need

Whether its a quick trip to the park, or you and your newborn are taking their first plane ride, these apps will help you keep your sanity to and from your destination.

Baby Pack & Go 

Packing up your newborn to leave the house even just for a couple of hours takes practice, and leaving for a weekend or vacation almost guarantees that you will leave something important for your baby at home. That’s where the Baby Pack & Go App comes in handy. This app allows you to make lists ahead of time with their templates so that you don’t forget anything at home. 

You can make individualized lists for each child that you have, and even for your pets. This app can really come in handy to make sure that you are prepared with everything you need away from home. 

Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is a great all-in-one app for new mothers, meaning that it can help you track everything you need to know about your baby. From the last time they ate, to when their diaper was changed, or the last time a medication was administered you can access it all at your fingertips. This app also lets you track the amount of time and milk you last pumped, how long the baby breastfed and on which side, and how long they napped for. You can also enter your baby’s medical history, and track their growth. This app allows multiple caregivers to log in and check on the baby which makes it really convenient. 

Sit or Squat

Sit or Squat is an app by Charmin that helps moms find clean restrooms where they can change their baby when they are out in public. The app can help you find the cleanest restrooms near your current location. A bathroom gets a sit review if it is clean, and a squat review if it could be cleaner. If you find a great clean bathroom make sure that you leave a review for other moms to find it as well. 

fed is best and so are these apps that help you track newborn feeding schedules

Formula or breast, as long as baby is fed and you didn’t lose your sanity in the process, I’d call it a win win. Check out some of the best apps to make that happen for new parents below:


Designed to help pumping moms build their stash, this app has been featured in New York Times, Parenting and Babytalk Magazine. So how exactly does it help you? By organizing bottles and bags of milk via pump date (so you don’t have to). You can record when, how much, and which bags of milk were used that day, to keep your inventory up to date.

It also allows you to have separate locations for each stash. Storing milk at grandmas, set an expiration date for this bags so you know when to use them by. Same for daycare, work or any customized location you want to add.

Ovia Parenting & Baby tracking app – great for multiple children

This must-have app for new moms is perfect if you’ve been looking for a baby feeding app that can track monthly milestones such as lifting head, bringing hands to face, rolling over, etc. This baby feeding tracker app not only tracks feeding sessions but can also log the progress of multiple children at once. Things such as diaper changes, sleep, milestones photos and more.

The Ovia Parenting & Baby tracking app also happens to house a plethora of articles and education for new parents. Looking to share special moments, synch it to your family calendar for an easy picture and video sharing experience. (FYI: In addition to the parenting app, Ovia Health also offers a fertility app and pregnancy app).

Baby Connect 

The Baby Connect app is another all-in-one baby tracking app that can be shared with your partner, sitter, or daycare provider. Keeping everyone in the loop on the last time baby ate, napped, or was changed. This app can be used across all platforms, and it can be used for multiple children. You can track information from the previous day or week in graph form so that you can see growth spurts happening in real-time, and you can even leave messages for other caregivers within the app. 

Looking for ways to connect with other moms

Motherhood, while one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, can feel kind of lonely at times. These apps do more than just track baby milestones. They connect you with other parents. Learn and grow with other mothers, even find some in your area. These are some of the best apps for new moms looking to make mommy friends, because we all know how hard that can be.

Peanut App

Sometimes being a new mom can feel a bit lonely. Especially if you don’t have any other mom friends or family nearby. That’s where the Peanut app comes in handy. Think of it as MeetUp for moms. It provides a platform for you to meet with moms in your area or talk to them in a safe online forum. 

Created by one of the designers of Bumble, the dating app, this mom felt disconnected. Looking for a way to meet and talk about the struggles of being a new mom with other moms, Peanut was born.

Tiny Beans

Most new parents want to take and share photos and videos of their new little one. But that thought of sharing them online can be scary. So if you’re hesitant about sharing that’s where the Tiny Beans app comes in. Tiny Beans is a secure place online where you can store your baby’s pictures and videos. Allowing you to share them privately with loved ones. 

You can add stickers, filters, and even captions to your pictures and videos. You can print off photo books and pictures whenever you like. The Tiny Beans app is free but there is a paid option. With either a monthly or yearly subscription, it unlocks additional features. 

Other most have apps for new moms

These apps are some that I recommend no matter the occasion. Need a quick dinner? Don’t feel like going to the store, or maybe your precious bundle of joy isn’t acting so precious anymore. These apps have got you covered.


Baby’s need lots of things like diapers, and wipes, and eventually you are going to need groceries. Instacart can help you to get all of the things you need delivered to your door. No need to leave the house with your newborn. That is, unless you want to.

Simply place your order, and have your items delivered to your door within a matter of hours. They even have gift cards available. So if this is an app you think you will use after your baby is born, adding them to your registry is a great option.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is another great app for first-time moms that helps you track your baby’s developmental milestones. It breaks down mental leaps, their timelines and even the purpose behind them. Which may even help you figure out why your baby is fussier this week than they were the last. It also helps you track crying, crankiness, and clinginess. All important signs that your baby is learning and growing. One of my favorite features is the way it helps you make the most of each developmental leap. Loaded with suggestions, games, and advice for you and your baby.

Getting used to motherhood can take some time and there is no doubt that you will suffer from brain fog, and sleepless nights during those first few months. Pick a couple of these apps that you think would be helpful to you and give them a try. Having a way to easily track information for your pediatrician and other caregivers will help to make your life easier. Do you have any other apps for new moms to share? 

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