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10 Vow Renewal Invitations to Inspire Your “I Do Again” Wedding Planning

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Whether you are in the process of planning your vow renewal or haven’t even started just yet, nailing down your vow renewal invitations is vital. As we all know, from our first wedding, the invitations set the tone for your wedding. And the same can be said for your vow renewal invites. When planning your renewal ceremony whatever the reasons you may be renewing your vows, think of it just as you would your wedding. 

save the date for vow renewal

Why You Should Still Send Save the Date Cards for Your Vow Renewal

So how do you announce a vow renewal? With a save the date of course! Sending a save the date may seem a little formal, but if you want people to attend it is a good idea. As we all know, people have lives. Those same people who attended your wedding or even the new friends you’ve made since then, all have busy schedules. Kids have been born, careers have been started, and so much more. I know when we think of save the dates we automatically think of weddings, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To me, a vow renewal is a wedding. Just on a smaller scale. Which makes sending save the dates just as important. 

With that being said, I do not think they need to be sent out in as advanced notice as if it were a wedding. For example, when planning our vow renewal ceremony family and friends received their save the date 3 months prior. Instead of the recommended six months. 

10 Stunning Wedding Invitations for Vow Renewal Ceremony 

vow renewal wedding invitations

Vow renewal invitations ideas can be hard to come by so I’ve created a list of some of the most popular styles to hopefully get your creative juices flowing. Once you’ve found a style / theme that suits you there are plenty of  wedding invitations online to help bring your special day together. 

1. Elegant Floral

If you are going for a more classic approach to your renewal ceremony then elegant floral invitations may be just what you need. The epitome of sophistication, anything with florals just screams class. 

2. Rustic

Rustic wedding vow renewal invitations are perfect if you plan on having your vow renewal in your backyard or anywhere outside where they’ll be lost of trees. Think trees covered in shabby chic fabrics, beer barrel tables, and endless tree stump place holders. 

3. Beachy

If you didn’t have a destination wedding now is definitely the time to do so for your renewal. Beach themed vow renewal invites are the perfect way to tell everyone they better bring their bathing suits. 

4. Funny

Who doesn’t love a joke and the chance to spend time with friends? If you’re the couple with a great sense of humor please do everyone a favor and grab some funny invitations for your anniversary party. 

5. Milestone-Specific

My husband and I waited until our ten year anniversary to renew our vows and if you’re doing something similar then year specific invitations make perfect sense. Making it any amount of time in a marriage is something to be celebrated, but especially if it’s been 20, 30 or even 50 years. 

6. Destination Invites

Who says your vow renewal has to be a small get together in your backyard. You’ve been together for years, you’ve saved some money, have the destination wedding of your dreams. And make sure to let everyone know where to buy their plane tickets for with some invitations themed based on the destination. And if you haven’t noticed yet, I absolutely love Basic Invite. They are one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options and has instant previews online. Once a design is selected, change the color of each element on the card if you’d like. With over 180 colors to choose from, the invite is sure to be exactly what you want. With a variety like that, they literally have something for everyone.

7. Foil

I can’t think of anything prettier than foil invitations. Perfect for any theme, they shimmer as you move them and are literally pure beauty. Basic Invite offers their foil invites in gold, silver, and rose gold. And you can chose from flat or raised foil on all of their foil designs.

foil vow renewal invitations

8. Black and White

Talk about a classic. Black and white invitations are as elegant as they come. With tons of customizability these invitations are honestly perfect for any occasion. Black tie affair, industrial, modern, farmhouse, whatever you’re looking for black and white can fit the bill. 

9. Minimalist

If you’re not too big on elegant designs, florals, or any of that other stuff than some minimalist invitations may be just right for you. Keep in mind that minimalist does not have to mean white with black text either. We absolutely loved our 10 year vow renewal invitations, which were very minimalistic. Black with gold writing and the most beautiful calligraphy I was so happy with how they turned out.

watercolor wedding invitations

10. Watercolor

One of my favorites, right next to minimalist for sure. Watercolor invitations can be found in so many different designs. From floral, abstract, to classic or even rustic or custom the variety is what makes these a top choice for me. If you’re one who loves the look of 

Cute Wording to Use in Your Vow Renewal Invites

Now that we’ve gotten the look of the invitations out of the way, the real question is what are they going to say? Vow renewal invitations wording can be as fun as you’d like it. Saying like “I Do Again” or “We Still Do” are a cute and fun way to let everyone know you’re renewing your vows. 

Looking for something a little more formal? “Your presence is requested as we reaffirm our wedding vows” or “Because you have shared in our lives with friendship and love we’d like to cordially invite you to the renewal ceremony for our wedding vows.” 

Have a theme you’re going for, use that too. For example at our ten year anniversary renewal ceremony our theme was “Love Never Fails.” It was on the top of our invitations as well as all over the venue in different ways. 

We absolutely loved our 10 year vow renewal invitations, which were very minimalistic. Black with gold writing and the most beautiful calligraphy I was so happy with how they turned out.

With all the planning ahead of you, I hope this post gives you some relief from trying to figure out your vow renewal invitations. It’s one less thing on the long to-do list when it comes to getting ready for your second big day. No matter what your theme, location, or budget, remember a vow renewal should celebrate the love and life two special people have made together. How through the test of time you’ve persevered. 

Did I miss any invitation ideas? Let me know in the comments below what you plan to use.

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