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5 Ways to Spend Time With Your Daughter & Teach Self-Care

If there’s one thing at the top of my mommy-do list, it’s finding ways to spend time with my daughter and teach her self-care. With her being my only daughter, I try my best to have special times with just her. Some weeks are easier than others, of course, but I haven’t been nearly as consistent as I’d like. Then a recent question from her sparked something so much deeper in me than she’ll ever realize. A few weeks ago she started asking about getting her nails painted. At first I kind of brushed it off, but once she kept asking I finally set a day and time that we’d do it.

See, what I realize was that this was the perfect opportunity to not only spend quality time with her, but to also show (and tell) her about the importance of self care. As a mother of five, making time for myself can seem impossible. But now, with my mini me old enough to start asking for things like getting her nails done, its given me the boost I needed to start carving out some me time, or even better some us time. Her request also got me thinking of other ways I could spend one-on-one time with my daughter and intentionally teach her about self care.

5 ways to spend time with your daughter

5 Ways to Spend Time with Your Daughter and Teach Her Self-Care


Of course there are a number of ways we could pamper ourselves, but I found that pedicures and manicures are at the top of my daughters list. Okay, okay, mine too – but the point is showing her how she can take care of herself. It’s easy to go pay someone else to do it, and while there is certainly a time for that, doing it ourselves is so much fun!

The good old fashioned way of filling a tub, large bowl, or foot pan with warm water and bubbles can be just as relaxing as a nail salon. I always keep a few pedi and mani supplies on hand like a foot scrub, foot lotion, nail polish, and nail art stickers. Pull these items out and have a good time soaking, scrubbing, and painting!

With my daughter being so young, I did everything for her. I enjoyed her giggles because the foot scrub “tickled.” And the joyous look on her face after she saw the finished product was priceless and one I’ll never forget.


Cooking together can go so much deeper than simply preparing a meal. Not only will our daughters learn how to cook, but they’ll also learn how to take care of themselves and their future family.

I was one who didn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen so in essence I missed out on those family traditions, recipes, and unique ways of cooking. I want my daughter to look back and remember what mama showed her in the kitchen while saying, “This is how my mama did it!”

Cooking can involve lessons about healthy nutrition practices, which can stick with her for years to come!

teaching your daughter self care

Lunch Dates

This is another one that can take place in the home or out at a local restaurant, or even at her school. I prefer out and about because not only do I want to have a good meal cooked by someone else (LOL), but I also want to show my daughter(s) that going out and enjoying a good meal is okay.

Lunch dates with family and/or friends should also be looked at as a form of self-care. Although you are not eating alone, having a good time with talks and laughs is soothing to the soul too. Even then, choosing to eat alone can be just as relaxing and beneficial as having a good meal with someone else!


I must admit that the movie selections these days are few, far, and between but every so often you can catch a good one. Sometimes allowing my daughter to pick her movie of choice from home, popping popcorn, and cuddling on the couch works just a fine. We love a good family movie night!

Spending intentional time doing something she wants to do still shows her that she matters, her desires matter, and that having someone pay attention to that little detail matters. As a mother who has had problems connecting with my daughter, I want to do all I can to show her just how special she really is!


I used to think that shopping had to involve jumping from store to store and spending a bunch of money, but it doesn’t. The other day I decided to take my daughter with me to do the grocery shopping. Typically we would go as a family (yes, all 7 of us), but every so often it’s also a good idea to take just one kiddo.

Our time spent grocery shopping was filled with lots of questions but also a time of bonding. She was also a very big helper by putting the groceries in the cart. I was able to see how she pays attention to detail and how her little mind works. Whether its grocery shopping, clothes shopping, or toy shopping – these are great times to spend alone with your daughter and teach her about self care.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about ways you can spend time with your daughter(s) while teaching her about self care!

CHIME IN: What are some ways you spend time with your daughter, and how do you intentionally teach her about self care? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

tips to spend time with your daughter

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