Preparing for a new baby

How to prepare your first born for a new baby

As a mother, we are concerned for our children and their feelings.  So it is only natural that you are wondering how to prepare your first born for a new baby.

Will they feel left out when the new baby comes? Will they feel unloved with all the attention a new baby will need?

While most of these are our own worries and not something your firstborn will even consider, there are  a few ways to help them be prepared for a new baby to help ease everyones anxiety.


Tip 1: My first time to prepare your firstborn for a new baby is to talk to them.

A lot of times as parents we feel our children can’t or wont understand something, which is usually not exactly true. Your firstborn may not need to know all the details of where the new baby is coming from (completely up to you on how you handle that conversation) but explaining to them that a new baby is in mommy’s tummy and will be here soon is more then enough to get the conversation going.

Tip 2: Get them excited about a new baby.

This may not see like a huge deal, but trust me, it works wonders in helping your firstborn prepare for a new baby. Telling them all the things they will get to do with the new baby. As a newly promoted big brother or sister they have the responsibility of teaching the new baby all the cool things in the world. Be that dinosaurs, Barbies, they favorite rock collection or a little bit of in-between. Helping your firstborn to see having a sibling will be cool and exciting because now they have someone to share their stuff with and show the way will help them get excited about a new baby.

Tip 3:  Its time to tap into that village momma. Piggybacking off of tip 2, have others (such as grandma or uncles/aunts) also talk to them. Having multiple conversations with different people will help prepare your firstborn for a new baby.

Tip 3: Allow them to help plan when preparing your firstborn for a new baby.

Headed to the store to decorate the baby’s nursery. That’s a great time to take your little one with you. Ask them to pick out a stuffed animal or something small that will be an extra special gift from big brother or big sister.


Tip 4: Once baby has arrived , let them help you.

I know it seems a bit risky, but momma this is the most important part. To ensure your firstborn doesn’t feel left out or unloved with a new baby, let them help you. Big brother or big sister can run and get diapers. Depending on their age, you may even let them hold the baby (assisted is fine too). Allowing them to pick out baby’s clothes for the day (or help lol), anything you can think of that will get them involved. Allowing your first born to be apart of it in anyway possible is vital to preparing them for a new baby.


Soon the newest of a new baby will wear off for your firstborn and they may not be so willing to help. So get it while you can momma! And if delegating task to someone else is hard for you, make sure to check out my post here.

Are you a momma of two or more? What are some ways you helped prepare your firstborn for a new baby? Leave some advice in the comments below for other moms to see.




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